Crops manual

(parts taken from the original ogonkify manual by Juliusz Chroboczek <>).

A typical Type 1 font for the latin alphabet contains "pure" characters, such as the letter 'A' or the 'acute' symbol, and composite characters such as 'Aacute' (which is composed of the letter 'A', and the 'acute' character using the Type 1 seac operator).

Unfortunately, most fonts do not contain all the characters in the ISO Latin-2 character set. In particular, most of the Polish characters (with the exception of oacute and Oacute) are usually missing (a notable exception is IBM Courier -- not Adobe Courier --- which contains many useful glyphs). However, the components of those glyphs are present. It should not be difficult to add the characters we need if the necessary tools were available.

At least four methods could be used, and we pick this one:

  1. Create a new Type 3 font dictionary which draws characters by using the characters in the original font. This has the benefits of working and being legal.

How to use crops?

Let's suppose you have a PostScript document which uses the AmazoneBT-Regular font and contains isolatin 8859-2 characters and you'd like to print it, but you don't see non-latin1 characters printed correctly (and they don't appear in ghostscript previewer either). You need to do the following: