in memoriam, John Lions (University of New South Wales) "On our campus the UNIX system has proved to be not only an effective software tool, but an agent of technical and social change within the University."
Debian GNU software distribution &FS; distributions, such as &DEB;, are — as the name implies — comprised of a large number of &FS; programs. That's why, when you pick &DEB;, you get not only a basic operating system, but a complete environment with more (much more) than 50,000 precompiled, prepackaged and For you, the
Advanced Package Tool Most computer environments recognize the concept of Debian specifically has developed a
Configuring APT There's very little you need to do to configure your Debian package management system, but it's a critical step and you need to get it right. remove the /etc/apt/sources.list file, if it exists (run rm /etc/apt/sources.list) if you have any Debian GNU CD/DVD Roms, run Add the following to the file, which will configure the Internet repositories from which you'll install the software: /etc/apt/sources.list deb http://ftp. run /etc/apt/sources.list, retrieve package indexes and prepare local cache. Watch out for any error output; if it tells you to run the command one more time, do so Having configured