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This script downloads descript.ion file from official nekoware mirror
and performs replacements within the file to fix fields with invalid/
incorrect data which are preventing machine parsing of descript.ion.

(The official descript.ion contains these errors because the script
which generates the .ion file (md5.scr) is a bit of a guesswork and
does not work correctly for all packages.
For a correct and improved md5.scr, see, although you most
probably don't need it unless you're writing some automated mechanism
which relies on having proper, machine-parseable descript.ion)

In any case, if rolling your own md5.scr as explained above is too
inconvenient, then process the official descript.ion with this
fix script, and the .ion file will be corrected and will be
machine parseable.

So, if you don't have the whole archive mirrored locally, use this fix.
If you do, use md5.scr explained above to generate proper descript.ion
in the fist place.

NOTE: The functionality of is already included in the script. If you are using nekodeps, there is no need to
apply this script to the .ion files that will automatically
download and use.

Davor Ocelic,

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