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Script to automatically generate download & install scripts
for Nekoware packages of your choosing. The script ensures
that you download both the packages you asked for and all
their dependencies, and then runs inst on them.

To start using it, simply download and run it;
it will display usage instructions and you'll be on your
way in 30 seconds.

But the process is as follows:

1. To initialize directories and default config in the current
   directory, run: --config

2. To install Nekoware wget which is required by the script,
   (if you're on Irix and don't have it already), run: --bootstrap

3. To download new or updated descript.ion file (which
   contains the list of available packages), run: --ion

4. And you're good to go! Run -l to see list of
   available packages, or PACKAGE(s) to generate
   the downloader/installer scripts for your packages.

The generated install scripts will be named "" by
default. When you run them, they will download the packages you
requested and their dependencies, and then run 'inst' on them.

(The specific behavior of everything can be controlled with
command line switches (run -h) or by editing the
config file in conf/nekodeps.conf.)

The script also runs on Linux, for package browsing and
downloading. You just won't be able to run 'inst' of course,
and the use of 'inst' is automatically switched off if the
platform is not IRIX.


C 2005, 2008, 2014-2016 SPINLOCK Solutions

Davor Ocelic,
SPINLOCK Solutions,

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License: MIT